Lash #6

Lash #6

False Eyelashes
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Natural Style 

Thinner Lash Band

Handmade Lashes

Cruelty Free & Vegan





  • If lashes are too long for your eyes, trim the lashes from the inner part.
  • Bend lashes between your fingers to get more of a curve to the band.
  • Apply a little extra glue on the inner & outer corner of the lashes to prevent lifting.
  • Use tweezers or lash applicator for an easier application.
  • Place the lash band in the center of the eye first & then press the outer & inner corner of the lashes down.
  • Blend then in your natural lashes with the false lashes by using mascara before & after applying your lashes.
  • Use black eyeliner to blend the lash band in if needed.


** Lashes are handmade so, lashes may look slightly different in appearance than the other.


*** NOT made by Glamour Edge Beauty.


**** If causes irritation, please do not use.